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Hat Furnace & Duct Cleaning Has Expanded

Hat Furnace & Duct Cleaning Ltd has been serving Medicine Hat and surrounding area since 1976.  Hat Furnace strives for great customer service & excellence in all service we provide. 

We use industrial suction equipment for your indoor environment healthy, comfortable and dust free.  Our customers find that they can breathe more easily after we have thoroughly cleaned the furnace, vents and duct work in their homes or business

Services Hat Furnace and Duct Cleaning Offer:

Benefits of having your furnace and ducts properly serviced cleaned:

Contact info
phone 403 527 8471
email hatfurnace@gmail.com

Hours of Operation 24/7


If you are looking for dependable and professional Duct Cleaning Medicine Hat then Hat Furnace & Duct Cleaning is here for you, contact us today! Please visit Hat Furnace & Duct Cleaning at hatfurnace.com if you are looking for Duct Cleaning in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas

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